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 Online Dating Alternative :Digital technology has changed many aspects of our society, including smart devices, how people meet each other, and establish romantic or other relationships. Attitudes towards dating practices and services have become increasingly positive in recent years. Evidence of this fact, when the Pew Research Center first questioned Americans about online dating in 2005, only 44% said the event was a good way to meet people, and the majority thought it was a bad place to replace striking relationships in ‘real’ relationships. 

However, the way we express our communication, meeting and love has changed significantly since then, and when the Pew Research Center repeated the study ten years later, the number that considered online dating as a good way to meet people arise to 59%. How we conduct our relationships is changing, and it is clear that technology plays an important role in this change. People now manage not only their devices to work, shop and play, but also their personal lives and relationships.

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Online dating is a method of meeting new people, and it has its advanteges and disadvantages. Many sites focus on very special groups or interests, and the variety of sites is contantly growing. There are sites for seniors, sites for christian people, sites for fitness oriented people, sites for asian people sites for people who are interesteing in adult activity, sites for those who are only looking for friends. In this article, we will focus on those online dating sites which chosed best by the online dating site users.

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