Dating Alternative :

Chatiw_ Online Dating Alternative (1) is an online dating site. You can talk with strangers from all over world. Thanks to you can talk with people. You can chat on text. has 125.000 member per week. You can chat with users in real time. Are you fell alone ? Don’t worry. is the best place for you. Remember be kind. If you don’t be kind You can banned from other users.

How to Use Chatiw.Me ?

Simple to use. Create a nickname add your birtd date and gender. You can start chat anymore. If you bored this site for you. You can add your location. Thanks to location you can find new people in your area. You can share ptohos with other members.  Don’t forget. You should be kind. 

Privacy at

You don’t have to share your personal informations with you don’t have to use e-mail adress or phone number when you sign in. If you have question you can contact us.

dating alternative
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