Dating Alternative : eHarmony

Eharmony Online Dating

Eharmony is an online dating website. This web site was created by Neil Clark Warren in 2000. Eharmony is being used in 126 countries in the World. Germany,  India, and China is the most known among those countries.  Ehormony is one of the most popular online dating sites. It has more than 700.000 members. Eharmony is a site that allows you chat online with other members through web.

How to use Eharmony?

Match ,Chat , meet. You can sing in with your e-mail or phone number. Sing Up create your profile, upload photos and start match. You can add your hobbies on profile. After you create your profile, you can start to match with other members . Eharmony offer local dating.

eHarmony Payments

 You can Log in for free. but you also can get Premium for a price to get some privileges. Join Eharmony for free and meet new people

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